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Sujet: French only class / Piquet / 1976-79? / Sindhi
Posté par: Rajesh Kirpalani ( )
Date/Heure: 23/09/2006 01:27:30

Let me apologise for writting this message in English. I was taught French up the the age of 8 ( about 1979) at CdF, but forgot most of my French when we moved to London.

I have to say that the education that I received at Charles De Foucauld is the best. Certainly much better then the schools in London!

My class teacher was Maitress Piquet, she took a special class that wanted to only learn in French language rather then Arabic & French. (I think the government was trying to get schools to be dual language, but my parents wanted us to learn French only).

People I remember in my class are Kamli, Deepu. Also in the class the year below were Kamli's sister Nishi and also Neetu (now in London), a girl called Sharona. These are mostly Indian (Sindhi) people. I think there were many people people but my memory is a bit hazy!

As for schooling, our class had 'two' years in one class. I remember that Friday was vocubulary day. Also, some students stayed on to their homework at school (sort of after-school).

I also remember the games we used to play, eg with trees.

Anyways, I would like to track down other friends who where in that class and catch up!

I do remember that that Friday was "Vocubulary" day!.

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